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История компании TEK PACK

The Tek Pack company is one of the leading manufacturers of paper products in Russia.


Founded in Moscow, Russia
Entered the tissue business and supplied printed tissue napkins to Pizza Hut and McDonald's


Achieved consistent growth by 500%.
Employed more than 100 people.
Launched wrapping paper production lines


Entered the markets of Kazakhstan and Ukraine.
Topped the production of 2.7 billion of tissue napkins per year


Created the Department for Support and Development of Production to carry out regular large-scale studies of raw materials and product properties testing


Became a federal-scale production company with a wide network of dealers.
Surpassed record production of 4.5 billion of tissue napkins


Commissioning of lines for the production of bags with handles.
Entered the markets of Armenia, Georgia, Moldova


Began manufacturing of bags with a flat bottom.
Increased the number of employees to 200 people.


Exceeded 1 billion rubles in sales.
Produced 500 million bags.
Employed up to 350 team-members.


Opened an A- class warehouse in Moscow to increase storage capacity to 5,000 m2. Reorganized its production facilities to double the production capacity
Excelled 1.5 billion rubles in sales.


Opened a new paper twine facility.
Invested into new machinery to increase capacity and grow paper bag business.
Created “Tek Pack Market” with an established network of agents and distributors.